Market Research Analyst

Company Name:
Cats USA Pest Control, Inc.
Cats USA Pest Control, Inc. seeks a Market Research Analyst
Job Description:
Research and analyze existing and potential market conditions to determine potential sales of services. Develop market profiles and present opportunities in new markets and growth potential in current markets. Run and analyze statistical market data through contracted vendors and syndicated databases to forecast future market trends. Develop and manage internal and external contact network for market trends. Support strategic accounts with customized market research and compile and samples for key account projects. Gather data on competitors and analyzes prices, sales and methods of marketing.
- High School Diploma/GED
- 2 years of experience as a Market Research Analyst, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager or related
Worksite: North Hollywood, CA
Send resume to: Cats USA Pest Control, Inc.; 5683 Whitnall Hwy, North Hollywood, CA 91601, Attn: HR

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